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Martin Freeman - Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie - 2014 [x]


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The Method of loci, also called the memory palace, is a mnemonic device introduced in ancient Roman and Greek rhetorical treatises. In basic terms, it is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualization to organize and recall information. Many memory contest champions claim to use this technique to recall faces, digits, and lists of words. These champions’ successes have little to do with brain structure or intelligence, but more to do with their technique of using regions of their brain that have to do with spatial learning. x

The World’s Only Consulting Detective ☆ (9)

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Sorry. Not that obvious a trick.

Time you got out of the house, John. You’ve put on seven pounds since you got married, and the cycling isn’t doing it.

It’s actually four pounds.

Mary and I think seven.


Considering Sherlock’s shooting schedule TGG and ASiB were the first and the last filmed episodes, so in the pool scene you actually can see how Sherlock has changed

Time to go and be Sherlock Holmes.